Shrinky Dink Bracelet

Shrinky Dink Bracelet

Just another great product of the 80s…

We know you’ve been missing the 80s. We are. Great hair. Great music. Lots of neon. That’s why we’re bringing it back – in a 2013 kind of way.

If you’re a product of the 80s then we’re sure you’re familiar with Shrinky Dinks. If not, Shrinky Dinks are pre-printed images which are then colored and baked in your oven. After they are baked, the shrinks become about five-eighths of their original size, yet maintain the colored design. It’s awesome.

You can imagine our excitement when we came across Michelle from Rust and Sunshine’s Shrinky Bracelet. After gathering up a bunch of #6 plastic to-go containers, we decided to try it out. So we put on some Duran Duran and got started.


• Silver Open/Close Jump Rings
$4.39 – 500 pack @ AC Moore
• Needle Nose Pliers
• #6 Plastic Containers
• Scissors
• Ruler
• 12 inch Ribbon
• Sharpie



1. Wash and dry the #6 plastic container and remove any film or labels.
2. Cut out the flat, smooth pieces of the top and bottom of the container.
3. Measure and cut out 2 inch wide strips from the container pieces.
4. From the 2 inch strips, measure and cut every 1 1/2 inches to make what will be the beads. You will need 8 total for the bracelet and a few extra incase a few don’t survive the oven.
5. Use a Sharpie to color a pattern or design on the rectangular pieces. The Sharpie can be any color, even multiple colors!
6. Using scissors, trim the edges to curves. This will remove the sharp edges from the final beads once they are baked.
7. Use a standard size hole punch to punch holes in the corners of the rectangular pieces.
8. Preheat oven to 3500
9. Arrange pieces of colored plastic rectangles on a foil or parchment lined cookie sheet.
10. Place cookie sheet in oven for 2 minutes. (Every oven is different, so the time may vary.) Keep an eye on the shrinky dink pieces. You will notice that they will start to curl up – not to worry, they will flatten back out. Once flattened back out, remove from the oven.
11. Use needle nose pliers to attach the silver jump rings –  4 rings top and bottom in between each bead.
12. At each end of the bracelet attach the loose jump rings together, adding 2 additional jump rings. Then loop the ribbon through and tie a bow.