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Q&A w/ Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative…

Q. We enjoy reading your blog because, well, we like you guys! We enjoy your personalities and we share similar tastes (must be a PA thing). Why do you think people enjoy reading your blog?
A. We think readers like that we’re committed to “Keeping it Real” and we’re not afraid to share our mistakes. We’re relatable because we’re just wives and moms trying to keep it all together too! We do a lot of projects that anyone can try in their own home and we encourage readers NOT to be afraid to try something new! (Plus, we’re really funny! HA!)

Q. What do you think sets your blog apart from all the other blogs out there?
A. Since our blog is written by two gals with really different styles and personalities, we appeal to a wide range of tastes. Jess is the well-behaved, neutral-colors-lovin’ girl and Monica is the envelope-pushing, bright-color-loving one!

Q. Working, parenting, blogging, crafting, DIY-ing – we know there’s no “secret” to managing it all, but how do you manage the stress? What do you do when you feel a serious tantrum coming on?
A. Luckily we both have an abnormally high tolerance for craziness. We can handle a lot at once, but we could never do it without each other and our super-supportive, hands-on husbands. When we are feeling the pressure of it all, we snap and scream at each other… KIDDING! We usually pause and think about our priorities and what really matters. If it can wait, we sometimes let it, and if not, we push on through together.

Q. Tell us about your typical day?
A. This is one area where we’re really different.
The bulk of Jess’ day is spent entertaining and wrangling her two young kids. As a SAHM she’s also constantly tweaking every room in her house. Naptime is when she has time to focus on blogging and catching up on everything!

Monica works full-time from home, so 8-4 is pretty much off limits. She also has 4 kids, so she’s typically heading in 100 different directions: delivering someone’s forgotten lunch to school while on a conference call, etc…

7-12 pm is our real blog time… Once the kids are in bed we get to work on projects, posts, and contributions. It’s a crazy life, but we love it!

Q. Where do you go to find inspiration for your projects? Other blogs? Magazines? Pinterest?
A. YES to all of those! We love social media for creative inspiration and, of course, read many blogs religiously. Although we also love when a good, creative idea hits us out of nowhere! We’re always brainstorming and planning together and we constantly have a running list of ideas and things we want to try.

Q. When you started your blog, what were your expectations? Do you feel like you’ve met your goals? Has your blog changed over time?
A. We started this blog pretty sure that we’d have a total of 2 readers… both of our moms!!  So yes, it’s far exceeded our original goal! We’re both really BIG idea people, so we’re constantly setting a new goal and we sort of hope we never stop setting bigger and better ones. Our blog has definitely changed over time… from a new blog name (we started out as The Real Housewives of Bucks County) to a more streamlined look, the blog evolves with us. But even with changes, our commitment to being real and a source for creativity remains.

Q. What do you like most about blogging?
A. Doing it together!! Working on projects with your BFF is a pretty awesome job!

Q. For anyone visiting your blog for the first time, where should they go first?
A. To learn more about us personally, check out our MEET US page, but then be sure to head over to the DIY PROJECTS page to see our favorite projects all in one place! After that we definitely think you should read every.single.post… trust us, your family won’t mind if you ignore them for a few days! HA!

Thanks so much for having us!! We hope you’ll all come visit EC2 soon!


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