Pillow Revamp

Pillow Revamp

Add some color to your couch or outdoor furniture…

A decorative pillow is a quick and easy way to bring color to a room or tie together an overall color scheme. You can fix up an old pillow with a new look or make a new pillow from scratch. Dress it up with lace or add some buttons for a change. Indoor or outdoor, the possibilities are endless.

If you have some old pillows that need a makeover but you’re not sure what to do, a quick search on Pinterest will give you plenty of ideas. The hard part is picking one.

We fell in love with the outdoor slipcovers the girls of Babblings and More made for the pillows on their porch swing. Not only do we love the fabric they chose but the buttons give the pillows a bit of personality. We didn’t have any old pillows to reuse so we found some stuffing and made our own.


• Fabric – 2 Patterns
$5.99 a yard @ American Ribbon Factory or your local fabric store
• Sewing Machine
• Iron/Ironing Board
• Tape Measure
• Fabric Pencil
• Thread
• Scissors


1. Cut your fabric to whatever size pillow you would like to make. For an 18” x 18” square pillow, cut the fabric 18” wide by 36” long.
2. Hem both the 18” sides.
3. With right sides together, overlap the hemmed sides about an inch – either in the middle of the pillow or offset to either side.
4. Sew a 5/8 seam on the 36” sides and then zig zag a finish seam for added durability.
5. Turn the  pillow right side out, making sure the corners are nicely pointed.
6. Attach the buttons to the top hemmed seam
7. Stuff the pillow with either pillow batting or a pillow form.
8. Tack the two hemmed seams together using a blind stitch, folding the top seam back and picking up the bottom seam.