Our Featured Crafter

Our Featured Crafter

Hi! My name is Paige.


I have an obsession with plants, I have 2 dogs and I love my husband. All that doesn’t seem very interesting, so let me start over.

Since I can remember I have always had a creative side. My mother always had me make my own Christmas presents for my family, and maybe that’s why I have reverted back to that in the past few years. Yes, i make EVERYTHING for Christmas and, believe it or not, it’s a little less stressful and not as time consuming! I knit, make candy, tie dye, make jewelry and a whole lot more. I even made my dad a bloody mary making kit this year, complete with pickled green beans. It keeps me quite busy throughout the year, and my house cleaning suffers because of it, but my husband loves me enough to pick up the slack on that side of our lives. He truly is a blessing.

I started crafting probably before I was born. My mom always tells me I was 3 weeks late because she just kept putting off silk screening onesies for me! I just hope my own child (yes, I am 6 1/2 months pregnant) doesn’t come 3 weeks late. But, like I said, I made everything as a kid. Hand painted ceramic ornaments and magnets were my specialty. My mom, like me, makes a lot of her own Christmas gifts and is certainly the original force behind my own creative greatness.

My FAVORITE things to make are anything for a new baby. Be it knitting hats and blankets or tie-dying onesies and socks. Basically anything in miniature is darn cute; I cant help myself. Think what you like, but this has always been my favorite thing to make, even before I got pregnant. Overall I just LOVE to tie dye. It’s amazing because you never know what it’s going to look like at the end. You can control the design and what colors you use, but you still have a surprise at the end. I am a huge fan of surprises. In my everyday life I incorporate crafting by hosting “crafternoons” with friends. We actually held one, where we all made Christmas ornaments for another friends bridal shower (yes, you Kelly). I made a cork wreath, tinsel ornaments, and a stained glass star tree topper!

My everyday life automatically revolves around crafting and being creative. Today I am painting a bookshelf for the baby’s room, and tomorrow I am buying fabric to make curtains. There is always something creative I plan to do. That’s just me and always will be. I am crafty and wouldn’t change it for the world.

My inspiration? 6 months ago I never would have known what to say. These days, however, I have discovered Pinterest! Where has this been all my life? I don’t have to worry about it anymore, because I can officially make EVERYTHING now! From recipes to sewing to mosaics. If you aren’t on Pinterest or you don’t know what it is, PLEASE find out. It is truly amazing!

Some of Paige’s Crafts:


1. Tie dye finished products for my brother’s stand-up paddle board business in Connecticut
2. A table I mosaiced
3. An oar that I lettered (by hand) as a “guestbook” for my cousins engagement party
4. Tie dye onesies in progress
5. My niece sleeping under the blanket I made her