Felt Wreaths

Felt Wreaths

Spice up your space with a little yarn & felt...

Looking at my boring beige door, there is no denying that it is in serious need of a makeover. This door needs some spice, some zest, a bit of color and personality. Who wants to live in the home with the boring beige door? Not this girl. The easy and inexpensive solution to this problem? A colorful felt and floral wreath, of course.

One “felt wreath” search on Pinterest and it is easy to see the life you can bring to your own front door with just a little yarn and felt. Seasonal wreaths, holiday wreaths, elegant wreaths and even some downright funky wreaths. Who knew!?

I was particularly drawn to the unique wreaths created by ItzFitz, an Etsy shop featuring yarn wreaths and other handmade, felt goodies. The woman behind ITZFITZ has some serious talent. Me, not so much. To create one of these beautiful wreaths I needed a great tutorial to follow which I found on one of my favorite blogs, Home Stories A to Z.

here’s how it went…


• 16” Extruded Styrofoam Wreath
$8.99 @ Michael’s
• 9” x 12” Felt (7 pieces)
$0.29 per sheet @ Michael’s
• Yarn (3 colors)
$2.99 per color
• Cup(s) that vary in size
• Hot Glue Gun/Glue
• Scissors
• Tape


1. Tape one end of the yarn to styrofoam hoop.
I  chose not to glue the end down right away and I’m glad that I did. While wrapping the yarn around the hoop I frequently pushed the wrapped yarn together and that caused the yarn to overlap at times. To fix those problems I would unwind it a bit. If I had glued the end right away I would have had to unwrap the whole thing to fix any problem areas.
2. Continue to wrap the yarn around the hoop, paying attention to how tight you’re pulling the yarn. Occasionally smush the wrapped yarn together to condense your loops.
3. After you have the yarn wrapped entirely around the Styrofoam hoop, make any adjustments and glue the ends.
I didn’t worry too much about hiding the ends because I planned to place the flowers over top.
4. For the “x” effect, use a different color yarn, attach the end, and wrap the wreath in one direction. Then repeat with another color in the opposite direction.



Flower A:

1. Begin making the flowers. Start with the largest flower first.
2. Using a cup, trace 7 circles onto the felt and then cut them out. (For smaller flowers you would only need 6 circles, I used 7 circles for the large purple flower.)
3. Begin with one of the circles. Place a drop of hot glue into the center of the circle then fold in half. Repeat this step on 5 more circles.
4. Take the first circle you glued and place another drop of hot glue in the center of the straight end then fold in half again. Repeat this step on the other 5 circles.
5. The remaining circle will be your base. Place a drop of glue in the center and then place 4 of your folded circles onto the base, keeping the folded sides together.
6. Add another drop of hot glue to the center and then attach your remaining two folded circles.

Flower B:

1. Using a cup, trace a circles onto the felt and then cut it out.
2. Starting very thin, begin to cut around the edge of your circle, gradually getting wider as you turn and cut your circle into a spiral.
3. Once you have cut your spiral, start at the skinny end and begin rolling the felt together tightly.
4. After you have rolled the felt together, glue the end and then trim where necessary.
5. If you want to add an additional color to the center, take a scrap from another color, cut a small circle, repeat the steps above and then glue the small flower into the center.
To get the rose effect, cut wavy lines into your circle while creating the spiral, this will create the petal look.
After completing the flowers, arrange and attach them using hot glue.

IMG_8852 IMG_8857