DIY Onesie – The Outtakes

When I was working on the baby girl onesie I envisioned the spread having this amazing photo showcasing my daughter wearing this adorable outfit. Once the onesie was complete I put her in it and got to work, trying to capture this beautiful picture of my little model. Well, needless to say it didn’t work out so well. LOL. I took about 100 photos. here are a few…


As you can see Zoey had a different idea in mind. She took her bow off and got to chewing, blocking her face from the photos. I then took the bow hoping against hope to distract her in another way. That didn’t work, as demonstrated in photos 2 & 3. I gave in and gave the bow back. I moved her around the room a bit. I got a pretty good one of her standing but to my dismay I wasn’t paying attention to my back drop. I moved her again! She then abandoned her bow and made her new project getting my camera! (photo 5) Cute photo but not what I was looking for. Through this experience I have now gained a new appreciation for photographers! ESPECIALLY photographers that take photos of babies!

I did get some great pictures of my little angel for my personal stock pile though!