Blogs We ♥

Blogs We ♥

Brooklyn Limestone

Under the roof of a 100 year old townhouse in New York , Stefanie shares with us her own unique brand of DIY, design and decor. This new momma has an eye for design and her simple yet sophisticated style has transformed her home into a work of art. What began as a tool for documenting the renovation of her home has evolved into an inclusive blog featuring travel, design, entertainment and DIY projects. Stefanie updates her blog several times a week and we’re always eager to see what she has going on, especially lately. Who doesn’t love seeing pictures of a sweet baby girl?

East Coast Creative

Monica and Jess over at East Coast Creative are keepin’ it real and that’s why we love them. Best friends since highschool, these two tell us tales of room makeovers, DIY projects, and all things creative. Their styles are very different yet their ambition is the same. Mothers, bloggers, DIY-ers, – these ladies are busy and they wouldn’t have it any other way. All their hard work and talent doesn’t go unnoticed; you can find them on The Nate Berkus Show, Ladies Home Journal, HGTV Magazine and more. Learn more about East Coast Creative in the following Question & Answer Session we shared with them.

Home Stories A to Z

While Beth from Home Stories A to Z claims that she doesn’t possess any special talents, I must disagree. Just check out her Project Gallery and see just how very talented she is. One of our favorite parts of this blog? Beth’s weekly Tutes & Tips Not to Miss. Each week Beth rounds up a few of her favorite projects and shares them with us to be inspired. So if you’re trying to create beauty amongst chaos, visit Beth and pickup some helpful hints.

Hi Sugarplum!

Cassie, blogger of Hi Sugarplum! is just delightful! And her blog is full of useful DIY designs, fashion tips, and travel destinations. Not only does she have a knack for decorating but she also looks darn good doing it – just check out her Outfit Inspirations page. One of the reasons we follow Hi Sugarplum? Well, we like her! And we like her style. When looking at the photos of her renovated home from the 80s it gives me hope that one day my home could look something other than old.

Babblings and More

Coming from a big ol’ family that includes 25 kids, (I’m serious, check out their family photo) these four sisters have some great stories to share. Bridget, Briana, Brooke and Brittany, the creaters of Babblings and More, share with us their DIY projects, recipes, family stories, photos, and more. You can feel the love when reading their blog, one of the reasons we enjoy following them so much.

Tatertots & Jello

If you’re looking for inspiration visit Tatertos & Jello because whatever you’re searching for, you’ll find it there. If you read Jen’s bio she’ll tell you that anyone can be creative and we agree – that is, with the help of a great tutorial. And that’s just what you’ll find at Tatertots and Jello – lots of useful tutorials on how to make anything from Valentine’s decorations to a cookie sheet calendar. You’ll also find recipes, decorating tips, craft ideas… the list goes on. Jen always has something interesting going on so be sure to stop by.

Itz Fitz

Give this girl some yarn and felt and she’ll turn it into something that can bring the life back to any old room. We first came across an Itz Fitz wreath on Pinterest and after visiting her store we were incredibly impressed by her talent. Her color combinations, different styles and floral patterns are unique and give shoppers a wide variety to choose from. The only problem is how do you choose!

Rust & Sunshine

When you visit Rust & Sunshine it’s clear that Michelle has some serious photography skills. And her son is the most adorable subject. What started as a blog to keep track of her gardening evolved into a baby blog and now includes her other interests and hobbies as well. We love Michelle’s unique crafting style. Our favorite? Her Cardboard Playhouse – it’s like Barbie’s Dream House only better! If you haven’t yet, get to know Michelle. We’re sure you’ll like her just as much as we do.

Crap I’ve Made

With a name like that you know there has to be a great sense of humor behind this blog. And there is – Char is both funny and talented. We particularly enjoy Char’s sewing tutorials and all the useful tools she tells us about. As a member of the Lowes’ Creator and Influencers Blogger Network, Char regularly writes about DIY projects and home improvements. Visit Crap I’ve Made for both inspiration and a good laugh.

The Larson Lingo

A wife, mother, photographer, graphic designer, middle school teacher and soccer coach, Mel at The Larson Lingo keeps us coming back for more. From her awesome design skills and mix of DIY projects, to recipes and life stories, The Larson Lingo has it all. Recently, Mel posted a comic titled, ”Running Errands with Kids” that made us pee our ourselves. Along with her blog, Mel also runs an Etsy shop called Daylight Designs that is full of fresh and simple birth announcements, baby and bridal shower invitations, holiday cards and more.

Eat. Sleep. Make

Because two heads are better than one, Shannon and Jen have combined their talents to bring you Eat. Sleep. Make., a blog featuring DIY projects, home decorating ideas and more. Neither of these crafty ladies are new to the blogosphere; they have been blogging separately for years – Jen at My Own Road and Shannon at Details of a Love. If you liked them before then you’ll love them now – double the inspiration, double the ideas.