Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors

Say thank you with homemade party favors…

Party favors are a great way to show your appreciation while also adding to the decor and overall theme of your party. Whether you’re making favors for a wedding or a birthday party, there are millions of great ideas out there to suit any guest list.

One of my preferred favor ideas is the recipe-in-a-jar concept. You can use a variety of different recipes, layering each ingredient, resulting in a beautifully delicious jar of goodness.

For my baby shower I decided to use this idea to make small jars of lemonade. See how they turned out and the process I followed to make them…


• Fabric
$7.29 per yard @ your local fabric store
• Ball® 4oz Mason Jars/12 pack
$9.99 @ Ace Hardware
• Raffia Ribbon
$3.65 spool @ craft store
• Country Time Lemonade Mix 82.5 oz
$9.44 @ Walmart
• Scissors
• Card Stock Paper
• Label Paper
• Printer
• Hole Punch


1. Cut out fabric into squares that will later be placed on the mason jar lids.
2. Pour about a ½ cup of lemonade mix into the mason jar.
3. Place mason jar lid (seal insert) on top of jar.
4. Center your fabric square over the top of the lid.
5. Screw band over the fabric.
6. Create “thank you” tags on computer (or hand make them) that are 1.5 inch squares and print them out on card stock.
7. Create instruction labels on computer (or hand make them) that are 1.5 inch squares and print them out on label paper.
8. Cut out all “thank you” tags and instruction labels.
9. Peel and apply instruction label to the back of the mason jar.
10. Using the hole punch, punch a hole in the upper left corner of the “thank you” tags.
11. Cut about a 16 inch strand of raffia ribbon (more or less, just to give extra to be able to adjust the bow) and tie around the band of the jar, attaching the thank you tag before tying the bow.


Makes about 20 favors